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9 Nov 2020


Hi everyone, if you follow me on twitter you will probably often see my tweets about the charity stores, what I've picked up thrifting and my amazing steals! I just can't stop. I thought it was about time I started sharing my finds on here, and maybe also how I style them! 

Not being able to go to the charity stores was definitely the one thing I missed during lockdown, and now we're into lockdown 2.0 I am definitely gutted that I'll be missing out on all the Christmas decoration thrifting we like to do each year. 

So last week we did a good sweep on our favourite charity stores before the lockdown came in, in hope that we'd find some good buys, as who knows when they will be back open again! 

I thought I would start with the £2 metal urn above, as this is something I've already had time to style!  I have so much vintage French style decor pinned on Pinterest, and this was something that I thought really fitted in with that. At first I bought it with the intention of drilling a hole in the bottom and using it in the garden, however after styling it with some vintage books and adding some faux flowers, I really love it for inside the home. We use a lot of old books in our decor, it's a great cheap way to add a vintage feel and created levels, we tend to colour theme them to the room, and love to pick ones with interesting textures and foiling on the spine.  The stoneware bottles and glass bottle are all charity shop finds! 

My next buy is this vintage stoneware jelly/pate mould, it's not something I would actually use in the kitchen, or have room to display right now, but it's something to display on a Welsh dresser in our future kitchen! We plan on buying a house at some point in the next few years, covid permitting, and we'll be going for a period property, so I'm already buying my Pinterest boards haha! This was £3

Christmas! last year we got huuuuuuuuuge amounts of Christmas from the charity stores, I mean HUGE. Our local hospice has Christmas events in their stores, they're so much fun and the stores are just filled with Christmas items, but of course they are also manic, so it was never going to be something that happened this year.  So this year, my Christmas goodies are lacking but I did pick up these baubles for 5p each!! Our Christmas theme is a natural, wooden, a lot of greenery theme but it has a vintage feel too, so these mercury style glass baubles will fit perfectly on our tree.

Wooden trays and baskets are something that can never be left behind when me and my mum go thrifting! This vintage tray was £3 and is really sturdy and would be perfect for creating a little Christmas display on. I've seen a lot of people doing hot chocolate stations on Pinterest, so that would look super cute on this!

I really love this wooden Christmas window I picked up for £2, it has that natural wooden feel, so it will fit right in with our Christmas theme, the real problem is finding somewhere to put it! 

What did I say? We can't leave baskets behind? Nope never. However this is my first trug basket, so that in itself was the perfect excuse to buy it, but what was even better, was that it cost me 20p! I'm thinking I might fill it with pine cones for Christmas.

Ruby Shoo shoes, I think these must have literally been worn for an hour, they're so pretty but ended up being too big for me, so I've popped these on Facebook in hopes I can swap/sell them and find a pair on Facebook in a size smaller to replace them. Shoes can be very hit or miss in the charity stores, sometimes they can look like they need throwing away but other times you can find brand new shoes, especially heels and boots. It's a great way to get expensive and more comfortable brands at a fraction of the cost! 

As I mentioned early we have a vintage hint to our natural/wooden/greenery theme we have in our home, but upstairs in my bedroom, I have a more fun vintage kitsch feel, and so I had to have this cushion as soon as I saw it! I think it was originally from Asda last year, but it was only £2 and looks brand new.

Vintage Kitsch Christmas figurines for 50p each. I have a trolly in my bedroom that has lots of vintage pieces on it like tins, boxes and ephemera. The bedroom is only small,  so it was a great way to display and add a tiny bit more storage for all my collections to the room. When Christmas comes around, I like to swap everything to my vintage/retro Christmas collection and decorate it all and these two cuties will fit right in! If you're looking for vintage/kitsch decorations I've added a huge haul to my Etsy of piece I've collected over the year and finally ready to let go! 

I hope you all liked my little charity shop haul, I plan on doing A LOT more. I know we're a bit limited now with the lockdown, but I think I'm going to share my thrifted Christmas decor once we have the decorations up, as its amazing to see what you can get. Do you love a good charity store spree?! 

Much love 
Natasha x 


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